Virtual Reality, leisure of tomorrow!Invest and join our franchise !

DiscoverAn innovative concept on a dynamic market!

Virtual Reality is a constantly evolving field. We are now entering in a new area of ​​gaming, a fantasy of total immersion that, a few years ago, sounded like science fiction. It is now becoming reality. Virtual reality leisure parks represented a market of $ 1 billion worldwide in 2019, with $ 12 billion expected at the end of 2023! In just three years, 8,000 VR rooms have been opened around the world.
CAHEM positioned itself early in this sector by investing heavily in several video game licenses.
Founded by a team of video game and event veterans, CAHEM is one of the pioneers of Virtual Reality in France. Our brand was founded in 2017 and has its own development studio which create our own exclusive VR experiences!


DiscoverOur advantages

  • Our own development studio

    We produce our own exclusive experiences!

    As close as possible to our players and game masters, we can adapt and improve our productions to trends. We are also developing operating tools such as a launcher to deploy, install, update and launch sessions from only one workstation.

  • The largest catalog on the French market

    With dozens of experiences and many partners, we are the leader of the offer on the French market.

    Our catalog is constantly elvolving and you get a territorial exclusivity to operate your park!

  • A growing franchise

    Our concept attracts investors and real estate companies. Despite the global crisis, our brand is one of the most active on the market.

    With 6 parks in 2020 and many opening projects, our name is synonym of trust! We forge link with partners on the territory, offering many opportunities of support.

  • Unique parks with thematic zones

    The immersion begins as soon as you enter the room!

    Our parks have areas decorated with medieval, futuristic, old mansion, bunker and post-apocalyptic themes … Your park will become an unique place to visit, a meeting place for groups of friends!

  • A fully adjustable concept

    From a small room of 50 sqm to a vast park of several hundred sqm, our concept can be deployed and adjusted according to your project! From a simple room to a park with thematic areas and simulators, we adapt to your means and your location.
    Our parks have a charter to respect, but also a possibility of customization to bring your personal touch and have a place that suits you!

    It is also possible to have a fully turnkey project on quotation!

  • Constant evolution

    In a constantly evolving field such as ours and with the release of new technologies, devices and games, our team is on the lookout for any novelty and new development opportunity. A daily watch that allows us to stay at the forefront!

  • Support at any times

    From the beginnings of your project to setting up your park, during your daily operating, our team will be there to support you.
    Administrative or financial aspect, management, technical support and communication, our expertise and skills are at your service!

  • Training for your teams

    To get the best start using your park, our team will provide you these trainings:

    • Game Master
    • technical maintenance of your IT and devices
    • communication tips
  • Sales events

    Proud of our roots in events, we ensure a presence at conventions and exhibitions dedicated to pop culture, video games, e-sports and trade shows.

    We also create and host our own local promotional events!

InvestSome numbers

Entrance fee*

30 000€

Personal contribution*

50 000€

Average size

250 sqm

Minimal size

50 sqm

Average investment*

150 000€


% on each game

Contract form

Franchise 7 years


≈24 month

Reachable turnover after 2 years*

250K€ to 600k€

Varie selon la taille de la salle*

Cahem - Play Virtual Together

Required profile Do you feel like a pioneer in VR?

  • Friendly, you have a sense of contact, each visitor will be like your guest, will feel welcomed and at home in your park.
  • You know how to anticipate, you can already see the evolution of your park over time. (while remaining realistic and giving yourself time to achieve these goals)
  • Active and proactive, you are always looking to animate and bring your park alive, make networking, plan the next actions.
  • IT doesn't scare you, and technical challenges don't hold you back.
  • Always able to learn and evolve, you are not used to resting on what you have learned.
  • You have the soul of a leader, you know how to surround yourself with right persons, manage a team, motivate troops in the storm.
  • You care about a job well done and respect for your image. You are aware that you are ensuring the image of the franchise on your own scale and you pay attention to details.
  • Ideally, you have some knowledge of communication and you know how to stay aware of the latest trends.
  • Having a knowledge of the local and already an established network on site which you can rely to build the reputation of your park is a significant advantage.
  • Your love for pop culture and the fantastic universes shines through in your heated discussions.